Holiday’s Over


I’m terrible at doing and updating things constantly. Whether it’s playing guitar, or learning Spanish, or updating this blog, something always gets in the way. I always manage to find some reason not to. I’m either too happy, or too sad, or too busy, but I never seem to have the right time to do all the things I’ve been putting off for so long.

But I do like expressing myself in some way, and now that Vine is dead (RIP) and writing’s easier than editing a vlog, here we are. Back on the horse. Holiday’s over, I’m back at work and will try to bring out something fairly constantly (but please note that this does not constitute a binding obligation).

So to ease everyone (myself) back into this, I thought I’d give a quick glimpse of my weekend, which started on Saturday morning with a quick impromptu road trip up to the KFM Big Chill at the Berg River Resort in Paarl.


It was my first time there, both at Big Chill and Paarl, and I spent a wonderful couple of hours relaxing either on the grass with the sun on my back, or in the water with a glass of champagne, enjoying the coolnesss during the hot and windless day. The music, as always, was good with the presenters keeping the vibe going amongst the campsite, and the only thing keeping us from staying there was the excitement of seeing Black Coffee later at Shimmy Beach Club for #cosmosummer.



And so, after a brief stop at Fairview (which I’ll probably do another post on when I go there again) for some cheese and wine, we eventually made our way to Shimmy. We arrived just in time to kick off our shoes and dance away to Black Coffee’s set, which was amazing – I’m really happy about his residency at Shimmy this summer. The night ended with a nightcap and dancing in an almost empty Door 221 with my favourites.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

Honestly, I think the best way to describe my weekend is “drank alcohol in and around large volumes of water” (as further evidenced below), which is one of the best ways to enjoy summer in Cape Town. So cheers, here’s to more cold drinks on hot days and blog posts.



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