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Gin and Bear it

This past Saturday, 10 June marked World Gin Day, and as a frequent drinker of gin, I felt that I had to celebrate the occasion properly. And so I managed to force myself out of my very warm bed, put on some clothes and make my way down to the The Willaston Bar at The… Continue reading Gin and Bear it

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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Kitchen Tea

In 2016 my beautiful best friend became a Mrs, and I was lucky enough to be chosen as her maid of honour. I was even luckier to have had Caryn, professional bridesmaid, as my co-pilot, and together we arranged for Leanne's kitchen tea to be held at Four & Twenty in Wynberg. The venue was gorgeous -… Continue reading My Best Friend’s Wedding: Kitchen Tea

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Good Food & Wine Show 2014

On Saturday, Leanne and I attended the Good Food and Wine Show 2014 at the CTICC. And, let's be honest, after my last two (frankly too emotional for my own liking) posts, aren't you glad I'm back to blogging about food and clothes? Disclaimer: I didn't manage to take many (well, any, to be completely… Continue reading Good Food & Wine Show 2014


Let Them Eat Cake: A Guide to Making a Homemade Minion Cake

It was my sister's 11th birthday earlier in the week, and she really wanted a minion cake. After scouting around cake shops, I decided to try to make one myself because there was no fricking way I was spending R400 for something I could make myself. I checked the internet for some "DIY minion cake" recipe… Continue reading Let Them Eat Cake: A Guide to Making a Homemade Minion Cake

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Taste of Cape Town

Yesterday I attended my first Taste of Cape Town, held at the Green Point cricket club on a gorgeously warm day. The currency for the festival is "scoins", and R100 gets you a booklet of 20 scoins. Which, when you think about it, is really clever as most people (myself included) walk around going "oh… Continue reading Taste of Cape Town