Farewell 2016

It would seem like the universal consensus on 2016 is that it was an awful year - filled with nothing but death and sadness. The thing is, when I was mulling over the past year, trying to think of what I would include in the recap of the last 12 months I realized that, contrary… Continue reading Farewell 2016


Shades of Cool

*** He told me he was sorry it had to end this way. I was sorry it had to end at all. And that difference was why it had to. *** In my last post I literally mentioned how I was going to try to blog more, even though sometimes I get too sad to… Continue reading Shades of Cool

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Holiday’s Over

I'm terrible at doing and updating things constantly. Whether it's playing guitar, or learning Spanish, or updating this blog, something always gets in the way. I always manage to find some reason not to. I'm either too happy, or too sad, or too busy, but I never seem to have the right time to do… Continue reading Holiday’s Over


Fear and Loathing in Life

I hated camps when I was younger. I would worry constantly in the days leading up to a school or church camp; about how much I would hate being away from home, how much I would dislike the food and how I wouldn’t have anyone to hang out with. I would wish that I could… Continue reading Fear and Loathing in Life


Flirting Techniques (or Lack Thereof)

I remember vividly the day I realised that I had lost the ability to flirt. It was a few months ago, at a concert. We were waiting for the main act to come on; the sun had just gone down and the air was electric, the crowd eager to finally see the band they never… Continue reading Flirting Techniques (or Lack Thereof)


When Does The Free Stuff Arrive?

Blogging used to be a way to express yourself. A platform in which you could let the rest of the world know your thoughts and opinions. Now? Now people have blogs for two reasons: (1) get "famous"; and/or (2) get free stuff. Which brings me to the title of my post: when do I get… Continue reading When Does The Free Stuff Arrive?


Cat Ladies

The other day a meowing could be heard, coming from somewhere just outside our office. I flung open the window, determined to locate the cat and maybe stroke it and keep it under my desk. To my surprise I wasn't alone in this plan. Another co-worker had walked to the window, asking where the cat… Continue reading Cat Ladies