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Gin and Bear it

This past Saturday, 10 June marked World Gin Day, and as a frequent drinker of gin, I felt that I had to celebrate the occasion properly. And so I managed to force myself out of my very warm bed, put on some clothes and make my way down to the The Willaston Bar at The… Continue reading Gin and Bear it

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Review: 3D Fiber Lashes

As part of my very recent foray in beauty blogging, I was sent the new and exciting (to me, at least) 3D Fiber Lashes (which you can purchase for┬áR340 online at to test and review. In the box there are 2 tubes - one is the transplanting gel, the other is the actual fibers.… Continue reading Review: 3D Fiber Lashes


A Walk In The Park

I feel as though I've been on holiday forever. Because of the public holidays, I only worked 2 days this week. Not that I'm complaining, but it also means that it's been a while since I've posted anything here (I keep waiting for WordPress to send me an e-mail with a sad face, reminding me… Continue reading A Walk In The Park

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Throwback Thursday: Sunset Selfie Cruise

  "I heard it's going to storm later." I looked out the window, at the blue sky outside as my co-worker stood next to me and delivered this line. Through A Fashion Friend, I was going on a sunset cruise sponsored┬áby Jimmy Jagga. My co-worker however, decided to jinx us. The cruise had been postponed… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Sunset Selfie Cruise

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Taste of Cape Town

Yesterday I attended my first Taste of Cape Town, held at the Green Point cricket club on a gorgeously warm day. The currency for the festival is "scoins", and R100 gets you a booklet of 20 scoins. Which, when you think about it, is really clever as most people (myself included) walk around going "oh… Continue reading Taste of Cape Town


Don’t rain on my parade

I wasn't planning on doing an outfit post today. In fact, I was going to do a post on hair. But, a combination of the fact that my hair colour did not come out the way I wanted it to after dyeing it, and the fact that it rained yesterday, put me off that idea… Continue reading Don’t rain on my parade


J’aime cette… this outfit: the weekend in review

My friends, whom I've known since we all studied together at University, got married on Saturday and I was fortunate enough to attend the beautiful reception. This is what I wore: The dress was sleeveless, so I improvised and threw over the scarf as a cover. Also, though you can't see how high those heels… Continue reading J’aime cette… this outfit: the weekend in review