Fear and Loathing in Life

I hated camps when I was younger. I would worry constantly in the days leading up to a school or church camp; about how much I would hate being away from home, how much I would dislike the food and how I wouldn’t have anyone to hang out with. I would wish that I could… Continue reading Fear and Loathing in Life


Quarter Life Crisis

Recently, I had been talking to my youngest sister, who was telling me about her plans for the future. She and her friend were planning on studying at the same university, after which they would be moving to New York (clearly American television played a large role in the creation of this plan). As she… Continue reading Quarter Life Crisis



“I crashed my car into a bridge wall. I don't care." Today I had my bi-annual cry. I'm not the world's most emotional person, and have an unhealthy ability to keep my feelings locked away, so when something does happen to make me cry, I can't stop. Like today. Because I drove into a wall.… Continue reading Crashing