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My Best Friend’s Wedding: Kitchen Tea

In 2016 my beautiful best friend became a Mrs, and I was lucky enough to be chosen as her maid of honour. I was even luckier to have had Caryn, professional bridesmaid, as my co-pilot, and together we arranged for Leanne's kitchen tea to be held at Four & Twenty in Wynberg. The venue was gorgeous -… Continue reading My Best Friend’s Wedding: Kitchen Tea

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Holiday’s Over

I'm terrible at doing and updating things constantly. Whether it's playing guitar, or learning Spanish, or updating this blog, something always gets in the way. I always manage to find some reason not to. I'm either too happy, or too sad, or too busy, but I never seem to have the right time to do… Continue reading Holiday’s Over

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Down South

One of my favourite places in Cape Town has to be Kalk Bay. There's something about the atmosphere there – the area is a collection of something for everyone, like art galleries, showcasing the best of our local talent, restaurants selling seafood caught fresh from the harbour, psychics, palm readers, and shops selling clothing or… Continue reading Down South


Tom Sawyer

We had our end of year office party at Cafe Paradiso, in Kloof yesterday. I originally planned to wear a jumpsuit, but was informed that the item hadn't been delivered because the courier had hijacked. So I alternated between being really concerned for the driver and really sad for my jumpsuit. Luckily, my sister put… Continue reading Tom Sawyer


Ode to summer

I miss summer. My colleague and I were standing by the window earlier, looking out at the rain like a pair of poor, overworked Gatsbys, when she turned to me and told me how much she loved the rain. “Really?" I replied. “Because I hate it." “But it's so romantic! Let me paint you a… Continue reading Ode to summer

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Coming up roses

Today was my mother's birthday, and I decided to pick some roses for her at the Chart Farm in Wynberg. Needless to say, it was a spontaneous decision (after a failed attempt to buy flowers at Woolworths) and I was wholly over dressed for the occasion. Nevertheless the farm is beautiful (as I've shown before)… Continue reading Coming up roses